Jaap Goedemoed started painting in the early 80s. Initially (1980-1987) he produced figurative paintings with oil paint and later on with acryl. In these years he experimented with relief on the surface using linen tape and modeling paste. From 1990 he shifted to abstract art and divisions of the plane, sometimes with figurative elements. In all his works there is a strong orientation to detail; the larger art works are interesting to be viewed both from a larger distance (overall rhythmic patterns) as well as from nearby (details).

Expositie Jaap Goedemoed in SlotervaartziekenhuisExpositie Jaap Goedemoed
Keuze uit werken 1984 – 2014

Slotervaartziekenhuis Centrale Hal
Louwesweg 6
1066 EC Amsterdam

Duur van expositie: Oktober – December 2016
Dagelijks geopend en toegankelijk

Jaap’s work has been influenced by his (collecting) interest in ethnographic art (Central-Africa, New-Guinea), computer designed tilings, and his acquaintance with the Amsterdam artist Frank Lodeizen. From this artist Jaap learned the special effects by mixing acrylic paint and arabic gum, followed by subtle treatment with water. This may result in unexpected and fanciful remnants of acrylic paint providing a counter- balance for the regularity of plane divisions or the abundance of detail and precision.

In the works from 1995-1997 both principles (acryl/arabic gum techniques, tilings) are applied. In several larger works tilings are made revealing open and closed structures, with addition of structural elements made from newspaper fragments, old agrarian Tuscan tax papers, old bank notes, Coptic healing scrolls (parchments), Japanese prints, original handwritten Islamic texts, old stock certificates, etc.

All works shown on the web-site are in principle for sale unless the designation “Private collection” is used. In case of interest you are adviced to send an e-mail to the artist. In the response mail the requested information will be provided, and a possibility to view the art work in reality will be given. In principle the art works are only sold at the home address of the artist. Prices will depend on the size, the processing time c.q. degree of details, and the value of the used materials.